Life Engagement groups

There are 3 groups you can join for group support based on where you are in your journey. “Life Support” group is where you learn to see and use your personal strengths to complete your life goals. In the “Forward March” group we focus on higher goals like starting a business, financial success, and/or becoming more profitable in your current field. The “Helping Hands” group is where we come together to plan and run community service and charity events as well as the mentorship program. This is how we give back as we grow together. (Offered online through zoom and in-person per location.)

Helping Hand Group:

Our team has helped our clients in leading charities, community groups, schools, and sporting clubs. We organize fundraising and community service events that support people directly and don’t just throw money at the issue but give real solutions tailored to the demographic we are working with. Be that the homeless, troubled youth, senior services minority services or others.