How Is Coaching Different From Therapy?

What exactly is therapy? Therapy, often known as counselling or psychotherapy, is a long-term process in which a client collaborates with a healthcare practitioner to identify and overcome harmful beliefs, behaviors, interpersonal troubles, moods, and, in some cases, bodily responses. The goal of therapy is to transform self-destructive habits, heal and restore relationships, and work through difficult feelings by focusing on past traumas and issues. In this view, therapy focuses on the past, reflection, and analysis in order to resolve previous concerns and create a happier, more stable future.

What is the definition of life coaching? A client works with a coach who is not a healthcare expert to explain goals and identify obstacles, and problematic behaviors in order to establish action plans to attain desired results in life coaching. The fundamental difference between a life coach and a therapist is that the life coach uses the client’s existing starting point as an acceptable neutral ground and then becomes more action-oriented from there. A life coach empowers the individuals receiving treatment to take charge of their lives and take steps to achieve their objectives.